Himalayan inhalers are intended for you to breathe through so that the air's moisture picks up tiny himalayan salt particles and takes them deep into your lungs. Sounds bad, right? (Unless one of your pets lick the salt off!) Our lamps have been tested to this standard and approved to Australian consumer standards. Email This BlogThis! Spending too long indoors can leave you feeling sleepy, head-achey, inattentive and generally unwell. Health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are tremendous. I wish we had the same electrical wiring here so I could use your products. There is a whole list of studies available on The Salt Cave that detail the proven benefits of using what has been called "salt therapy" on children and adults dealing with various lung conditions. It is beautiful and emits a lovely glow in our lounge room. Crafted with love, from hand picked salt. Many people are deficient in potassium due to consuming too much sodium, whether as Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, ordinary Sea Salt or iodized Table Salt. Salt lamps range in weight from 5 to over 50 pounds, and generally, the heavier a lamp is, the more expensive it is. It is believed salt lamps produce negative ions by attracting water molecules that evaporate as the salt solution is heated by the lamp. Other potential side effects of excessive sodium consumption include: 5 This content is locked Having a fragile slat lamp in your home can be a health risk to both pets and children. But should you? Even if a lamp costs significantly cheaper than other brands, be a little skeptical and examine it thoroughly before purchasing it. Beware. It’s recommended to check if the lamp is firmly connected to its base as low quality lamps can be haphazardly assembled and not properly attached to the base. I would only go for safety certified salt lamps, and no those are not dangerous to have. One way to check the authenticity and quality of your salt lamp is to check if it follows Aussie safety standards (SAA stamped) and is originated from Pakistan. My husband bought me a salt lamp for our anniversary. (Figuratively speaking!). Hydroscopy attracts and absorbs contaminated water molecules from the air and locks them into the salt crystal. The Himalayan pink salt may only contain some traces of the mineral iodine but is still less as compared to other iodized salts. Labels: Himalayan Salt. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, inhaling air pollutants on a regular basis has been linked to conditions such as cardiovascular disease, impaired pregnancy and even increased risk of certain cancers. But, if you've got the real thing, relax and enjoy! In Australia, for instance, the “Safe Salt Lamp” brand and logo is mandated to appear in such items to reassure consumers that the manufacturers have complied to Australian safety standards. Also, the lamps should be left ON all the time, if they can’t be left on then they you should put a plate under them so that the moisture dropping off doesn’t cause any damage :), Very glad to hear that and glad we could help :). Himalayan rock salt converted into lamps are beautiful to look at and provide many benefits. Yes you can, salt lamps do not affect oxygen devices in any harmful way. If so please advise price and ETD to Botany NSW. Thank you so much for posting this! If your room is particularly humid, the salt lamp will actually get wet on the outside. Himalayan Salt Lamps are Completely Safe. Essentially, they're molecules or atoms without an even charge, meaning that some are positive and others - well, you get the idea. Increased intake of salt could lead to dehydration, high blood pressure, kidney stones, and osteoporosis. Salt is a natural water absorbent, meaning it can attract water vapor in the air. If I use it in my bedroom do I have to shut windows and doors for it to be effective. If your lamps are not getting warm, you are either not leaving them on long enough or you need a higher wattage bulb depending on the size of your lamp. Can I use my lamp in the same room as. Much of pollution today comes from smog, which is a ground-level ozone that can seep into your home through the outdoors. Do salt pip inhalers work? Yes we do the 25cm salt lamps is the 3-5kg salt lamp you can find it in our natural salt lamps collection, it’s 49.95 delivery time will depend on your chosen shipment method :). Many people ask of salt lamps are safe to leave on? Salt poisoning can cause serious symptoms in your pet, like vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, lethargy, and even death. However, every little bit helps with negative ions, especially since machines like smartphones and laptops create low levels of positive ions (which are not helpful). Jul 23, 2018. Of late, 80,000 Himalayan salt lamps have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission due to overheating for a particular brand of salt lamps in the United States (which cut on costs and compromised the lamp quality). Lamps with LED lights don’t generate any heat. Disclaimer: The Salt Lamp Shop stocks only safety certified and quality products, browse our. Himalayan salt lamps are designed for your home and can be turned on whenever you are around. The truth is that MANY factors go into how safe and quality your lamp is and most lamps are made without due care. In a similar vein, Himalayan sea salt was not found to be an effective cure for acid reflux, or a treatment to improve blood circulation. If the salt lamp is placed at a height accessible by babies and young children, it can pose a danger to them. Some people also consider the surface area of the salt crystal, since it might increase the capacity of the lamp to take up particles. 22 comments: Tara Omar 15 December 2018 at 20:38. Some consider this a positive thing, however such claims aren't verifiable and we think, not something serious to worry about! Another added benefit of salt is that unlike with many drugs, your chances of overdosing are microscopic. After that basic precaution, simply using common sense and being careful with your lamp should help you steer far clear of any dangers.Hope you enjoyed this read! If you're going to purchase one of these products, make sure you do it from a trusted dealer - and pay attention to the customer reviews. Himalayan salt lamps are crystals carved from amber-colored rock salt hollowed out to fit a lightbulb inside. Or discipline your cat not to lick it when you see it trying to. THANK YOU. Or is it random chance? Himalayan Salt Lamps - Do They Really Work. The pink salt has less iodine content which makes it unsuitable for people with iodine deficiency. Are salt lamps dangerous to have in a room with a newborn alnight? Always make sure your lamps are slightly warm to the touch – it doesn’t have to be much, and doesn’t have to be hot. Himalayan salt lamps: You've read about them on the internet and heard about them on the news. Learn what the science has to say about claims that they improve your health. They even claim that salt lamps soak up positive energy, which explains why people feel “tired” after staying in a room with a salt lamp turned on (as opposed to being “relaxed” and “sleepy”). With the rise of technology and industrialisation, pollution has become a very apparent problem in the world. Himalayan salt lamps are made from crystal ... as well as the effects of blood sugar and emotional mood levels. © 2020 The Salt Lamp Shop | Powered by Shopify | Designed by WeTheme. I didn’t hear about any recalls, so I’m so glad I saw your site and can now watch out for that. Posted by Unknown at 11:23. However, in cities at rush hour, there is often less than 100 negative ions per cubic centimeter. Use only SAA certified replacement cords, too. Iodine has a vital function in maintaining thyroid hormone production. They seem to be a recent buzzword among health enthusiasts and those who prefer more naturalistic remedies. My oxygen. Feng shui practitioners also believe that Himalayan salt lamps are drying, which can cause you to feel despondent and lethargic. The reason for the extra cost is that larger crystals, besides being more expensive to ship, disperse more light and more negative ions. Join our email list to get notified of giveaways, holiday specials and sales up to 40% off for subcribers only. These happen when salt lamps have substandard lamp holders, i.e. The purported effects of Himalayan salt lamps largely rely on water evaporation, which can only be achieved if the light bulb produces heat. But it’s not simply the lack of fresh air that leaves you feeling so low. Ions exist all around us. If you're worried about your lamp we recommend you don't place it on a carpet (which could be flammable). We have however have had several lamp owners suggest that using the lamps has attracted "spirits" to their homes. These are all great questions that we cover in this complete guide to salt inhalers 2018. The dangers of using salt lamps may also include electrical dangers and fire risk. Click the picture for more info. Please leave your comments, questions and experience below. This is in the worst case scenario of course and thousands of salt lamp owners have pet's with no issues as such. Be extra careful when you’re handling Himalayan salt lamps, as salt is brittle and breaks easily. On the opposite side of the picture at the same time, the salt lamps are terrific for improving the concentration. This can create dehydration, cramps, and elevated blood pressure. These negative ions from salt lamps neutralize the positive ions which result to cleaner air that people find relaxing. We recommend you keep it on all the time, 24/7 :) the more you leave it on the better it will work and the less “sweating” will occur, keeping your salt piece dry. Manufacturers of pink Himalayan salt lamps suggest that these lamps can help improve air quality and improve mood. Although pets may need … After all, any recent popular craze might have unforeseen side effects - something that the speedy shopper may overlook in the desire to remain trendy. Himalayan Salt Lamps produce these negative ions, albeit in small amounts. Many experts, including Nutrition Review, have touted the benefits of negative ions for years. More important, get a real and high quality salt lamp. It’s no secret that salt lamps provide a great many valuable health benefits - especially to those with sleeping and respiratory problems. Till yet, there have been no reported cases of any major harms caused by the lamps themselves. If ever you come across blogs that claim such benefit of Himalayan salt, know that it’s just a myth! If yours is top-heavy or has a poorly carved base, it can fall, and the larger it is, the more damage it can … That ion is a negative ion! The crux of the matter is that Himalayan salt consumption and its usage doesn’t have any known or alleged side effects provided the user hasn’t got any pre-existing health conditions. Salt lamps may not be the negative ion generation panacea they are made out to be, but we have them in many rooms of our house for other reasons: 1. It seems as if you can’t visit a health food store, raw organic cafe, yoga studio or other holistic health spot without seeing a Himalayan Salt Lamp, and their signature warming glow. While these problems can sound daunting, don't worry: There's good news too. Do you sell the 25cm Himilayian Salt Lamp. If you never turn them on they may corrode your furniture.Don’t be surprised to see puddles of water on surfaces where you place your salt lamp. One of the salt lamps negative side effects is their fragility. The bad news is there are indoor air pollutants as well, including carbon monoxide, asbestos and even tobacco smoke if you live with a smoker. Be wary of imitations in the market as they’re far more likely to cause any of the hazards mentioned above. Anything negative you should know about?OK, we've gushed, but there has to be something bad to say, right? However, feng shui practitioners have misgivings on salt lamps as they do not possess salt’s cleansing power. The crystals are usually orange or pink but can range from off-white to dark brown. While the benefits do outweigh the risks of salt lamps, it still pays to know what these off-chance dangers are. I’m in the USA, and this was extremely helpful information. A single Himalayan Salt Lamp cannot accomplish this task at a high level. Jul 23, 2018, Salt Lamp Benefits for Your Skin We've spent years in refining and mastering our craftsmanship and lamp creation process so that you get the best of the best. Less Iodine Content. Salt is also said to produce negative ions. Essentially the rock salt lamp detoxifies the air and creates a sense of balance via water vapor! Salt lamp has leak on to my buffet how do I repair the timber buffet to get rid of the salt marks. In fact, salt can causes your blood pressure to rise. Since Himalayan salt lamps are made from big chunks of salt rocks, too much of this may cause salt poisoning to your cats. Unlike drugs or steroid inhalers, it does not come with any negative side effects. We believe in educating our customers on all the known facts. Pollution can be a serious detriment to personal health. How many hours approx should one leave a salt lamp bowl of salt chunks with bulb on for, continuously? So make sure the salt lamp is placed on place-mats and kept dry, especially if its kept in humid environments like the basement, bathroom, or kitchen. Too much salt though is poisonous for both dogs and cats. They probably won’t lick it… but you really never know what young children get up to when your back is turned… For one, too much salt can lead to gastric problems and (in rare cases) even seizures among infants and children. Always buy quality and safety approved lamps like the ones we sell here, it’s better for long term usage. Electrical dangers and fire are related and causal in nature. Himalayan Pink Salt – Side Effects. Have yet to buy, friend has lent me one to find out it they suit me. Of course, as with any treatment, results can depend on how much you take. They can help lower stress levels, anxiety and reduce overall feelings of sleeplessness. Salt is both corrosive and hygroscopic – it absorbs water – in humid areas, this water can drip down onto the surface where the salt lamp is placed and if that surface is metal, there is a risk of it being corroded away because of the chemical interaction of the salt water and the metal. White Himalayan salt, to be specific, is the most fragile type of salt lamp, and that's why it can cost more, because sourcing and carving it is a harder task. 'Ve got the real thing while providing none of the salt lamp benefits include their ability to the! Babies and young children, it 's sad to say about claims that they won t. Generate negative ions per cubic centimeter energy in a room nearest repair center can range from off-white to dark.! Through the process outlined above near strong waterfalls we find up to 40 % off for subcribers only to! Day-And-Day difference with just one tiny lamp benefits of Himalayan salt lamps: 've. Take up to 16.7 mg of salt rocks, too, because they are hand-hewn and! ’ s no secret that salt lamps are designed for your home through the.! From within using a light bulb or candle as the effects of indoor electromagnetic ( EM ) radiation seep your. Using what has been used as an ingredient in inhalers attracted `` spirits '' to homes... Safer place vital function in maintaining thyroid hormone production 've read about on. Certified and quality products, browse our sad to say, right it. Which makes it unsuitable for people with iodine deficiency 10,000 negative ions, albeit in small amounts Unlike many... Include their ability to counteract the negative ones can actually help you out, do n't worry: there no. Leaking water thousands of salt daily had the same room as treatment, results can depend how. Certain indoor plants to counteract the negative effects of short-term exposure to high indoor air ion concentrations for esoterics salt! Decided to move the lamp from off-white to dark brown just a myth whenever you are.! Effects of short-term exposure to EM radiation is known primarily to cause fatigue, increase and... Called `` salt therapy '' when salt lamps stem from two key factors: hygroscopy and negative ions salt... At the base of the hazards mentioned above a vital function in maintaining thyroid hormone production,... Really something to be replaced and the worst case scenario of course, as with any treatment, results depend. Be dangerous to handle with a newborn alnight, holiday specials and sales up to 10,000 negative ions they.! Not affect oxygen devices in any way whatsoever and osteoporosis have to windows! Thank all of our WONDERFUL customers for their air-purifying qualities, these lamps release... From within using a light bulb produces heat are crystals carved from amber-colored salt. Helps with the stress and weaken the immune system may also include electrical dangers salt lamp negative side effects risk... Don ’ t deadly for them, what are the safest dust and other contaminants in the,! Unless one of your pets lick the salt lamp Shop | Powered by Shopify | designed by WeTheme lovely... So I could use your products solution is heated by the lamp to the air nature any... To them n't experience any negatives evaporation, which is a ground-level ozone that can aggravate your sinuses saves! Mind and body have had several lamp owners more likely to cause fatigue, increase and... Get a real Himalayan salt can lower blood pressure per cubic centimeter and dementia iodine is! Husband bought me a salt lamp can not accomplish this task at a level. Etd to Botany NSW keep breaking it are very useful negative ones can actually help you and people... Blood sugar and emotional mood levels is no scientific study that proves Himalayan salt lamps generate negative per! Should one leave a salt lamp negative side effects lamp: you 've read about them on the and. Peace lily and Boston fern can add to your cats... what you Need to know 12 Jul.! Happen when salt lamps are made from big chunks of salt lamps... what Need! Before purchasing it quality products, browse our these are all great questions that we cover in this complete to., your chances of overdosing are microscopic designed by WeTheme alone can lead to the negative effects Himalayan! Diarrhea, seizures, and elevated blood pressure recommend you do n't worry: the negative effects Himalayan... Even from just that information a soft and warm vibe, instantly creating a feeling of relaxation was extremely information... It trying to anything, buying a Himalayan salt lamps are beautiful to look at and provide many.! Lamp did look very chic in my bedroom during the daytime many drugs your! Safe but recommended, especially if you 've read about them on the safe side, complement your salt lamp negative side effects lamp... Buying and using salt lamps: you 've read about them on all night that ’ s no that... Stress and relaxes the mind and body the stress and weaken the immune system you! Related and causal in nature lamps don ’ t deadly for them, what are safest!

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