Just cook one of the hangers-on you find on the side of the ship. Spiritfarer Recipe List. For example, Gustav’s Suströming requires you to put Herring in the Cellar, while Atul’s Pork Chops just requires you to cook pork. Plain Food — Grilled Fish and Plain Rice are the easiest, with ingredients in abundance. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Spiritfarer.. As the Spiritfarer, Stella meets a variety of spirits that are on their way to the afterlife. Black Coffee — Purchase coffee bean seeds and plant them, then cook the beans. The happier passengers are, the more they’ll help out around the ship, doing things like collecting and processing materials. You won’t get either of these for a while, so stick to liked foods until you’ve got the Crusher to make fat. Make sure to feed her healthy food interchanged with Green Salad which is her favorite. Spiritfarer. Josh Broadwell started gaming in the early '90s. But it wasn't until 2017 he started writing about them, after finishing two history degrees and deciding a career in academia just wasn't the best way forward. You'll usually find him playing RPGs, strategy games, or platformers, but he's up for almost anything that seems interesting. It's feeding time at the Spiritfarer corral, and our Spiritfarer favorite foods guide has everything you need to keep your passengers happy. If you offer a dish a passenger likes, they’re happiness increases. Likes: Comfort Food and Old-Fashioned Food. The happy dance achievement in Spiritfarer: Make all spirits reach the ecstatic mood at least once - worth 70 Gamerscore. His favorite food is french fries, as one might expect from a young child. If you offer a dish a passenger likes, they’re happiness increases. Hint 1: She mentions she enjoys it. This Spiritfarer Food Giving Guide will tell you exactly that, breaking down the likes of each of your friends and the spirits you encounter so you can maximize your food usage with your friends. Pork Chops — You’ll learn this recipe as part of a quest, but you can’t finish it until you get to Furogawa and purchase Pork from the shop there. For example, Giovanni’s love of Beef Fondue means that he also likes fine dining cuisine. It is my absolute favorite! Nothing. If you can make any food that is considered fine dining, then you’re in business! System Switch eShop Publisher Thunder Lotus Games Developer Thunder Lotus Games Dislikes: Anything with shellfish, Fruit. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Spiritfarer > General Discussions > Topic Details. Beef is available for purchase later on in the game, so depending on how you progress, you’ll want to focus on likes for Giovanni too. Desserts — Like with Summer, Poached Fruit is the easiest and earliest dessert you can offer Alice. Exotic Food — Plenty to choose from here, but Fish Curry (Fish + Rice or other Grain) and Paella (Shellfish + Rice or other Grain) are the easiest by far. Plain Food: Sugary Food, Fine Dining Food: Noodle Soup: Gustav: Exotic Food, Acquired Taste: Anything fried, Sugary Foods, Fruit: Surstromming: Bruce & Mickey: Pub Food (Fried food) Meals with one ingredient, Crayfish: Garlic Bread: Buck: Comfort Food, Old Fashioned Food: Fruit, Lactose: Tomato Pizza: Elena: Plain Food, Healthy Food: Meat, Fried Food: Green Salad Hint 2: It’s a drink. Gwen Favorite Food. You meet these spirits along your journey, and will likely only have 4-5 of them on your ship at once. Gwen Dislikes. You do quests for them, entertain them, and generally raise their happiness until they’re ready to move on. Likes: Plain Food.