In Japanese Militaria 03-19-2018, 01:24 PM "Knee Mortar" Ammo Pouches. This fuse is complete with the original safety pin and string attached to the pin. Japanese WWII Wound Badge, Combat Wound, "Sen Shou", Original Box Our Price: $125.00 Item #53345. This listing is for the pictured Japanese Military Inert Knee Mortar Artifact is offered for historical and militaria collection purposes only. This has been legally deactivated. Category: Japan Memorabilia. Nambu Type 14, Nagoya Factory, made August '44 . A Japanese late World War II 50mm Mortar,Type 89 with a Type 88 instantaneous fuze. After studying employment of grenades and mortars on the battlefield, the Japanese Army developed hand grenades, rifle grenades, and grenade/mortar shell dischargers (small mortars) suited to warfare in typical short … The M203 has a slightly shorter effective range and it’s rounds are 40mm not 50mm. Get Top $. Sell WW2 Memorabilia. Buy HD $2.99. price $120.00. Can anyone give me some ballpark numbers? MP44 magazine pouches German WWII flare guns & accessories, & flare pouches US WWII 94th. Unlike most mortars of the period, the Japs' mortars were rifled, which was definitely more expensive and time consuming to produce, but made them much more accurate. 13. Japanese Dog Tags 32nd Army; WW2 Japanese Army Knee Mortar; WWII Japanese Zero Data Plate; Pearl Harbor Japanese Parachute; My Collection – Categories Contact. Sell WW2 Memorabilia. Aug 30, 2020. Japanese Knee Mortar Value. wwii german notek rear lamp face plate . WW2 Japanese Knee Mortar SHELL...What 2 do!???! I picked this up within a box of WW2 item's( mostly large shells&such...BRASS!!! wwii size 35 officer mohair overcoat. Italo German Japanese Axis Pin Back. Sold Out View. SUPER RARE Japanese Knee Mortar used during World War II. Make enough to equip every squad with two. Gr.W.34 81mm Mortar question? SN is 518xx. GET A FREE APPRAISAL. December 10, 2012. If there are any other items that you are looking for let us know as well as we are your Military Connection, your #1 source for quality war relics. Japanese 1893 Type 26, 9mm Japanese, 4 3/4" barrel, 6 shot. price $35.00. $ 875 View. The Type 89 Knee Mortar itself, even in demilled condition, will typically bring $1000-1500. Related Videos. Interested in ALL Japanese Naval items. $ 320 View. Japanese Knee Mortar Value A friend of mine has a Japanese knee mortar for sale. It was said they could put a round right in your back packet. Email me if you would like these pics sent to you, they will come through bigger ...Click for more info. Please see our other sales for more quality military war relics! Let me start by saying that the World-War-II-era, Japanese Type 89 launcher is no more a "knee" mortar than the German World War II-era MP40 submachine gun was a "Schmeisser." $ 395 View. Related products. In Ordnance and ammo 08-22-2017, 06:03 PM. All of our replica WW2 weapons are high-quality recreations of the real thing! They had the semi-automatic M1 Garand against Japan’s bolt-action Arisaka rifle and their pistol was the M1911 as opposed to the Nambu. wwii size 44 officer mohair overcoat . Richard V said: The small arms they needed most was the same weapon the Chinese also needed most, a cheap light machine gun. - JWO-0004 WWII Japanese Type 89 "Knee Mortar" fuse: These fuses are nearly impossible to find independent of the round itself, so if you have a knee mortar without a fuse now's your chance. World War 2 Japanese military currency with a value of 10 yen. Bookmarks. WWII WW2 JAPANESE ARISAKA TYPE 2 (TYPE 99 VARIATION) 7.7MM TAKEDOWN PARATROOPER RIFLE. Lowball Offer on … Japanese Meiji Era, Order of the Rising Sun, 5th Class, Cased Our Price: $145.00 Item #51486. Japanese Militaria Parts List . More purchase options. )and this was at bottom of box,I had it X-RAYed by local bomb squad&they said it was INERT...So my problem is should i strip the paint as it looks to have been repainted at one time.I have seen many of these and they usually are painted with red&yellow … Background The Japanese Army, noting that grenades were short-ranged weapons, began efforts to optimize these weapons for close-in infantry fighting. The more common (lower right) having a one piece upper body with open base and threaded base plug. The knee mortar was sighted for 120 to 650 metres with the Type 89 bomb, and 40 to 190 metres with the Type 91 grenade. WWII Japanese Cargo Parachute . A slightly new type … My mother lived … wwii trench art lighter german 20mm shell . It retains 80-90% of its original finish but is missing the lanyard. price $70.00. World War 2 Stories. price $75.00. Modern militaries would be better served with weapons like the M203. This was, of course, wholly wrong for firing a weapon with such recoil would (and did) lead to self-inflicted operator injuries if attempted. The Japs were notoriously accurate with these mortars. This detailed article about the Type 89 Heavy Grenade Discharger is reproduced from Teri’s WWII Japanese Handgun Website, with their kind permission. … Read them … Description: INERT WWII Japanese Type 89 "Knee" mortar round. This was issued to the troops and began in 1904. 22min. Also all WW2 USMC items esp Raider & Tarawa items. The ‘knee mortar’ was among the most peculiar weapons that the Japanese Army brought with it to battlefields in China and elsewhere in the 1930s and 1940s. WWII Japanese knee mortars, parts, carry cases, tools and Grenade belt pouches. The English language wiki site I found described a French Armée de terre squad as being divided into a 300m element with FAMAS rifles and AT-4 anti-tank rockets, and a 600m group with a Minimi, rifles, and that grenade launcher thing… I know that the French armed forces also use the HK AG36 40mm grenade launcher too. Audio languages. Nice piece complete with all the original markings still intact. Get Top $. WWII Japanese Navy Summer Field Cap. Chris Voorhees 801-792-1759 Replace the knee mortar with the French 50mm Mle.1937 as it’s a bipod weapon less dependent on user skill. Japanese Mortar Shell. Don’s REPRODUCTIONS. Subtitles. The Japanese knee mortar lives on, I guess. Posted On November 01, 2018 21:34:06 When the United States Marine faced off against Japan, especially later in World War II, they had a few advantages. GI#: 101552871. Bookmarks. The other has a one piece lower body with threaded nose cap. Related products. Empty and completely Inert. Harold C. Hutchison. Area Code: 316 . For practice use it was filled with weighting material such as lead balls. It seems that both designs were produced more or less concurrently. If you ask any WWII Pacific War vet they will all have stories about the knee mortar. Something like the Besal. It has been de-milled with a bar welded inside and an oblong hole neatly cut in the side. Hugo Schmeisser had no more to do with the design of the Erma-Werke-developed MP40 than deployment of the Type 89 mortar Off a soldier's knee could be accomplished without shattering every bone in. I've picked up a dozen or so mortar … price $95.00. There are two mechanical designs found for the 50mm "Knee" Mortar HE round. The propellant "cup" is the same for both. More... $195.00. In Japanese Militaria 10-11-2017, 06:31 PM. 2 #71 McPherson. 5:13. Japanese WWII Model 89 Knee Mortar Round. $1,299.00 . price $65.00. As complete as they come. This plastic box set contains enough parts to make 30 plastic Japanese infantry armed with: Arisaka rifle Light 'knee' mortar Hand grenades Type 99 Light machine gun (and bayonet!) Japanese Double Barrell Flare Pistol (US SALES ONLY!) Free Appraisals. In World Firearms 10-02-2009, 04:31 AM. I just finished having it demilled, so I thought Id share it.This was brought home by Andrew Zajackowski, who served in the 27th Infantry Division in the 102nd Engineer Battalion. AR528 British RAF WW2 Bakelite practice bomb. wwii size 38 officer mohair overcoat. US WWII M1 or M1A1 Thompson Sub Machine Gun Live or Dewat must be registered . No fuze. Chris Voorhees 801-792-1759 Get a taste for what the Greatest Generation had to deal with. $ 385 View. Japanese Type 10 Light Grenade Projector (aka Knee Mortar) March 24, 2018 Ian McCollum Artillery , Video 12 In the aftermath of World War One, the Japanese military saw the utility of infantry-portable light grenade launchers instead of rifle grenades, and adopted … WWII 3 inch mortar round that has been cutaway at the forward 1/3 of the bomb. price $145.00. Silent But Chumlee. Hold steady and fire with Pawn Stars as Rick checks out a Japanese Knee Mortar. I would love to have it to go with my WWII Marine collection but I have no idea what they are worth. If there are any questions ask them and we will answer ASAP. T-26 Revolver and Nambu Pistols. History of the Type 89 Knee Mortar-The Japanese Army, noting that grenades were short-ranged weapons, began efforts to optimize these weapons for close-in infantry fighting. Poorly-equipped insurgent forces might find them useful. wwii japanese arisaka anti-aircraft rifle sight . 50mm "Knee" Mortar Round. An experienced operator could probably engage closer than that, as it was designed to be fired at exactly 45 degrees, so an experienced judge could doubtless get shorter ranges by dialling the range adjustment to minimum, and then increasing the elevation beyond 45 degrees. Why the Japanese knee mortar terrified Marines. wwii german wound dressing packet . Good color with a yellow band on body. Nice clean classic hard to find revolver! Japanese knotweed is exceptionally strong and its roots are capable of growing through concrete, drains, mortar, brick and even cavity walls. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Senior Member Join Date Nov 2009 Location Monson, MA Posts 1,121. division uniforms insignia paper groupings souvenirs etc. World War 2 Japanese knee mortar brought back from a Michigan Vet. Japanese WWII Army Pilot Tunic Insignia Our Price: $45.00 Item #40540. his … Japanese WWII, Manchuko, Order of the Pillars of State Our Price: $95.00 Item #53346. Seller: Michael Murphy & Sons . WWII Soviet PPSH41 Sub Machine Gun Live or Dewat must be registered . Platoon level mortar men did not live long. Digg;; … Used in WWII for fighting in the dense jungles of the Pacific, will Rick see the chance to make a deal, or does the seller not even have a leg to stand on? I bought this Type 10 Knee Mortar from the vets son a few weeks ago. Vintage Exotic Japanese Print. The Americans mistakenly translated the accompanying Japanese mortar manuals incorrectly and thought the Type 89 (and the Type 10) were designed to fire from the thigh, giving the weapons the collective nickname of "knee mortars". There are shipping restrictions on all replica firearms, be sure to check the firearm’s complete description for details. 01-21-2010, 05:29 PM #2. mgpellet0815. Japanese Mortar Shell; Japanese Dog Tags 32nd Army; Pearl Harbor Japanese Parachute; WWII Japanese Zero Data Plate; My Collection – Categories Contact. Very nice condition with the original paint and all matching numbered parts. TV-14. Free Appraisals. The Type 89 grenade … Add to Order. Used from the 1930's this 8 1/2 pound practice bomb had a body made of Bakelite (plastic) with light tin fins.